Veeam Cloud Backup Provider

Veeam gives you near-instant data recovery, for any application, or any data, to any environment.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Recovery ensures Business Continuity for the always on enterprise, in a secure private instance in a designated UK datacentre.

Veeam delivers Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ 

Against defined SLAs for recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of 15 minutes or more. 

Veeam Cloud Connect with Cirro

Having a Backup is a good thing in the first instance. The challenge is how do you restore from a cloud backup, quickly, securely and in a way users can access the data effectively. 

With Cirro you can extend your domain into the cloud environment and spin-up a dedicated server, or full environment, on which you can run live production services. This can be fully tested and incorporated into an automated Disaster Recovery plan.

Veeam gives you near instant data recovery, for any application, or any data, to any environment.

This allows organisations to define the level of priority and order in which to restore data, with restore destination options to recover to. This can be either onsite hardware, a third party environment or a private instance within our cloud. By extending your domain and adding a network connection you can be fully restored and fully operational quickly and efficiently.

Full backup and replication for HyperV and VMWare environments, highly secure with full data encryption at source, in transit and at rest. Veeam Explorer supports granular recovery on Microsoft SharePoint, object level recovery for Active Directory, transaction level recover for SQL databases and support for low recover times for Oracle Databases. Veeam comes with full admin console as standard for System Centre administrators. Veeam Management Pack for System Center v8 delivers greater visibility and management access for your entire estate.


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