Ensure precision and security with Hoptroff Traceable Time as a Service

Accurate time for all your systems.

Boost Your Network’s Security and Accuracy with Traceable Time as a Service: The Best NTP and PTP Client Alternative!

Hoptroff TTaas® is an end-to-end, high-performance, network-delivered, IEEE 1588 precision time protocol and time synchronisation solution. Accurate to 100 nanoseconds.

15 Points of Presence (POPs) globally, offering direct fibre connectivity to the most prominent datacentres in the USA, Asia, UK, and EU

This network-based solution is designed to integrate smoothly with existing hardware and software infrastructure while being scalable and adaptable

Receive from multiple time hubs globally, from three official sources; NIST, RISE & satellite.

Example Use Cases

All time synchronisation features in one place.

15 Points of Presence globally, with direct fibre options

Accurate to 100 nanoseconds

MiFIDII & CAT Compliance

Delivered securely through IPSec tunnel or via VPS to cloud systems and networks

Resilient to GNSS jamming and spoofing, and GPS outages

Time Feed; NIST, RISE & Satellite.

The Hoptroff Time Feed delivers a reliable and secure timing protocol to your network through terrestrial connections.

With 15 Points of Presence (POPs) globally, offering direct fibre connectivity to the most prominent data centres in the USA, Asia, UK, and EU.

Access Timing Hubs located in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and choose to receive time from one, two, or more of them. These Timing Hubs are linked to official terrestrial sources, NIST and RISE, and four satellite systems.

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Time Suite® Enterprise.

Time Suite® Enterprise software; manage system time on both Linux and Windows networks.

Monitoring, analysis, tracking, and reporting of timing issues, helping to identify and troubleshoot issues more easily.

Users can set thresholds for alerts and choose from various alerting methods such as syslog, SNMP, or email.

Keep track of the upstream sources’ accuracy, jitter, and UTC offsets to determine the most precise time up to 100ns accuracy.

Compatible with various operating systems and offers features such as AI-based predictive failure prevention, multi-source failover for precision timing, and hardware timestamping.

Widely used in financial institutions and businesses due to its high accuracy.

MiFIDII & CAT Compliant Time as a Service

Compliance software that offers comprehensive reporting capabilities for financial regulators like MiFIDII, CAT, etc.

Ensures accurate and verified time-stamps, monitors system outages, and covers an entire network of systems.

Consisting of a client measurement daemon, a database queuing system, PostgreSQL, and a reporting engine that can create PDF or Excel reports.

The software is customizable for MiFIDII and CAT compliance reporting and offers additional report templates, compliance records storage, and storage options for up to seven years.

Hoptroff Compliance is widely used by banks, fintech businesses, global financial institutions, high-frequency trading, and exchanges.

It is compatible with various clients and time sources such as Solarflare’s SFPTPd, Chrony, NTPD, Timekeeper, Timemaster, Oregano, and more.

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Master Clock.

The Master Clock is a precision timing system that utilises software and can gather time from multiple sources such as NTP, PTP, Serial PPS, and GNSS.

It can transmit this time to your network either via NTP or PTP. The system can run on any 64-bit Linux System and can support more than 40,000 users per instance with the right hardware.

The Hoptroff Compliance software is integrated with the Hoptroff Master Clock, allowing for data collection from users and storing it for up to 7 years.

The clock is accurate up to 100ns. It can take PPS in from various serial USB and RS-232 sources and NMEA/GNSS from other serial USB and RS-232 sources.

Additionally, it offers hardware timestamping for compatible devices and AI-based predictive failure prevention.

Support & Implementation

Our consulting and support services cater to the specific network time synchronization requirements of businesses.

We provide a range of services such as advanced diagnostic and telemetry solutions, technical feasibility assessment, discovery phase projects, use-case analysis, network architecture design, proof-of-concept development, consistent consultation, and SLA-level support.

No aspect is excluded from our Time as a Service.

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Let’s talk Traceable Time as a Service…

Hardware timestamping available on compatible network interfaces, that support native Linux hardware timestamping API

Skip tedious and expensive operations

The Hoptroff Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®) removes the need for expensive management, rooftop antennas, and local atomic clocks, making it a cost-effective solution.


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