s3 Object Storage, Block and Object Storage

Fixed price per TB, no usage fee’s

secure data storage – for structured and unstructured data

Storage is increasingly complex and costs – Cirro solves that

Lowest costs data for the performance require, high level of data integrity

What is S3 Object Storage?

Object Storage is a way of organising and managing data into objects consisting of 4 parts:

Object Storage is designed to be far lower cost than traditional file or block storage. It is used for big data repositories, back-up, data archiving, multi-media, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) or other large data sets. S3 is an Object Storage Protocol.

Breaking the Traditional Storage Stack

Our S3 Storage solution includes all the elements of the storage stack. It includes the storage disks, controllers, front-end servers and all the software licenses. On top of reducing total storage cost, it simplifies the management compared to traditional storage, that is often comprised of multiple vendors.

Our onsite Object Storage infrastructure is plug & play. Additionally, configuration and support are included. No technical training is required, no other hidden costs: just add power and bandwidth.

  • Simplified design
  • Fully integrated architecture
  • Fully system design; hardware, software & networking
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Reduced impact of failures
  • Self-healing and secure by design
  • S3 native

Why Cirro Solutions for Object Storage?

Cirro delivers a variety of storage solutions to National Critical Infrastructure level, to UK Government agencies via G-Cloud and the SME’s

  • Utilising a unique design, which incorporates both Hardware and Software.  This ensures end-to-end control and management.
  • The lowest total cost, S3 Object Storage Solution available.
  • Designed for Onsite Storage, Private Cloud Storage and Public Cloud Storage.
  • This design can grow from 1TB to full hyper-scale.
  • Far quicker than AWS and Azure Blob
  • Embedded protection against Cryptolockers.
  • Integrated API and developer tools.

Local – Cloud – Edge

Traditionally storage and can a real challenge to manage and utilise the most cost-effective tier.

Cirro’s approach is to utilise existing storage where possible, integrate a streamlined cloud or hybrid cloud storage solution

Local Data

Managed Local SAN and data storage

Cloud Data

Migrated or Mirrored to a Cloud SAN repository


To multiple cloud locations to ensure data resilience


We can also push your data to secure storage location on a secondary cloud network

Edge Storage

Pushing cloud storage to the edge, close to your users to reduce latency and deliver a consistent user experience

What is


One of the reasons why Cirro Solutions offers the best business continuity and disaster recovery services is because we are ISO 22301 certified.

Veeam cloud


Veeam Cloud Connect gives you near-instant data recovery, for any application, or any data, to any environment



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Delivering excellence for all our customers

Cirro is a trusted advisor and partner, we have a relationship based on shared values and trust, Cirro has the knowledge, expertise and contacts to significantly strengthen our operations, they help us consider options clearer, identify and mitigate risk and design for scale.

Chris Forero-Slee
CEO, Shrap | www.shrap.co.uk