Always on Cloud Services for high compliance, demanding sectors.

Cirro delivers a full portfolio of Cloud Services, always on, always working. We support high compliance sectors who need services that just work.

Cirro delivers a full portfolio of Private and Hybrid Cloud Services, always on, always working. We support high compliance sectors who need services that just work.

We deliver Cloud Services to your Requirements

Your ICT services should be always on, always working and always delivering a good, consistent user experience. Cloud Services should be the same and this is what we focus on with our enterprise and high compliance customers, from National Critical Infrastructure, to FCA regulated banks and Official-Sensitive central Government services.

Cirro offers ICT services for schools, providing network services with direct connectivity to the Janet Network and relationships with the National Education Network.

With the transition from N3 to HSCN, Cirro is also able to deliver digital transformation in the public sector to NHS and Healthcare communities.

Cirro has a dedicated team focused on Financial Services, with a solid understanding of GDPR, MiFiD and the FCA requirements for outsourcing.

Our full portfolio covers the entire Cloud Services stacks, from high-end Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Platform as a Service, Database as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Business Continuity & Disaster recovery.

So whatever your business needs, talk to Cirro


To deliver better educational outcomes with better technology you need a better supplier. Cirro delivers innovative Cloud Solutions for improved education outcomes

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Software Vendors

Together, we deliver always-on, high performing cloud infrastructure our customers can rely on

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Justice & Social Services

Cloud Computing solutions designed for prisons and the justice systems as well as social services

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Public Sector

Cirro facilitates digital transformation in the UK Public Sector, reducing cost and delivering better services to citizens

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Cirro delivers better enterprise Cloud Services to your business: high performance at better value

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