Always on Enterprise Cloud Services for your Business

Cirro delivers better enterprise Cloud Services to your business: high performance at better value

Cirro delivers better enterprise Cloud Services to your business and users by understanding your requirements and delivering a highly optimised and tailored solution that you get to fully test and approve

Pay as you use Cloud Services with a performance guarantee

At Cirro we believe in what we do, our customers receive excellent service by consistently having an always on, always performing solution. Because we get our customers to fully test the environment we design and deliver with them, before they start paying us, we get very few issues and support incidents.

This is good business for you and for us. We give our customers no reasons to leave, that’s why they stay with us.

We provide a portfolio of ‘IT as a service’ options including Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cirro provides Cloud Services for small business to large businesses which are designed to support an ICT journey to better outcomes, greater agility, cost control, greater transparency and consistent user experience. We do this be delivering continual evolution and removing the lock-in of services.

You need to balance the investments you have already made in onsite hardware and software licensing with the continually evolving requirements you have. Cirro removes your investment challenge of IT ownership and management, ensuring you always have the right services, at the right time to deliver services effectively to users.

For always on, highly optimised Cloud Services, talk to Cirro.

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