Digital Transformation for UK Public Sector, from G-Cloud

Cirro facilitates digital transformation in the UK Public Sector, reducing cost and delivering better services to citizens

We provide digital outcomes in Hybrid or Private Cloud Solutions, designed by our Cloud Architects to deliver greater density and maximise capacity for optimum performance at the most economical advantageous cost

Implement strategic ICT and Cloud Services quicker, with a transparent cost model and pre-agreed performance criteria

The UK Public Sector is under massive pressure to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and deliver better services to citizens.

Cirro provides public sector ICT services to support the Governments ‘cloud first’ strategy. This move to the cloud however, needs to be tailored to each organisation and often managed Hybrid Cloud delivers far greater results than public cloud.

Government Cloud Services which help both central and local government to achieve better digital outcomes by delivering focused, well structured and clear Cloud Services projects. These may be to support virtual heads in delivering better education to pupil premium, vulnerable children, or delivering a business continuity service for an entire core production environment or data centre.

Working with Cirro ensures Public Sector organisations define or implement strategic ICT and Cloud Services far quicker, with a transparent cost model and pre-agreed performance criteria, allowing for the right balance between agility and certainty of services, performance and costs. Cirro focuses on delivering outcomes through better designed and managed Cloud Services, reducing support incidents, management resource and lower total cost.

Allowing for the right balance between agility and certainty of services, performance and cost

We provide services from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to Platform as a Service (Paas) and Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS). We can support legacy application delivery and terminal services, as well as providing highly innovative Cloud Services.

Our expert teams have experience working across a number of procurement platforms such as G-Cloud and with NHS Digital and will provide you with professional and effective solutions.

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