Cloud ICT Services for Schools, Colleges and Universities

To deliver better educational outcomes with better technology you need a better supplier. Cirro delivers innovative Cloud Solutions for improved education outcomes

Improve engagement, safeguarding and online security and ensure best practice for GDPR with always on, always working ICT services

Educate learners, support teachers and staff, with efficient Cloud Solutions

With Cirro’s Cloud ICT Services for schools, colleges and higher education, you will maximise your Ofsted ratings, improve efficiencies, improve pupil and student engagement, improve safeguarding and online security, reduce cyber security threats and reduce risk by implementing best practice for GDPR.

Setting up and running effective ICT services for any educational environment can be complex due to high seasonal demands, variation in end-user ability and the need to provide ICT services to users onsite and remotely.

Cirro offers a fresh approach by delivering innovative Cloud Services with an educational eco-system of service providers.

Our approach is culturally, operationally and financially very different. We deliver high-end solutions that are designed to be always on and always available.

Cirro has pre-designed services specifically for Schools and smaller colleges, with larger institutes and Universities needing more bespoke designs. The pre-designed approach allows us to deliver and support at scale whilst ensuring highly efficient and economically viable services.

Cirro works with Local Authorities, Virtual Heads, the Regional Grids for Learning and education based digital advocates, such as Jisc and the National Education Network (NEN).

By working with these groups, Cirro has created services that deliver an ICT vision for education, from primary schools to Universities.

Our journey is always evolving.

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