Cloud Computing Services for Prisons and Social Services

Cloud Computing solutions designed for prisons and the justice systems as well as social services

Cirro works with a number of highly innovative software vendors and professional services organisations to deliver sector focused Cloud Computing solutions designed for prisons and the justice sector as well as social services

The Justice Education Network (JEN) comprises a consortium of specialists focused on addressing key social, justice and education challenges.

There is a direct correlation between those from disadvantaged backgrounds and the justice, prison and probation system, social support and healthcare.

The current model is to address areas in silo, however as there is an intrinsic link between them, it makes sense to support people on their journey through the use of the social welfare or justice system. Opportunity to break the re-offending cycle is also linked to better education and support.

Cirro and the consortium believe that prisoners, for example, should have access to a virtual classroom for better teaching and learning outcomes. Sometimes the consistent person in the life of a disadvantaged child is a social worker or online virtual teacher. We have a significant opportunity to improve the lives of children and adults caught in a cycle of deprivation and reduce the impact on social welfare.

The objectives of JEN are to:

  1. Provide a high standard of education to those that need it, regardless of age, location or background through innovative technologies
  2. To provide greater opportunity, improve knowledge and confidence; reducing depression and mental health problems
  3. Break the cycle and catch 22, where offenders can’t get a job and so they re-offend, putting a strain on public and social support services

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