Cloud Computing for Banking and Financial Services

Secure Private Cloud Solutions for Banking and Financial Services with GDPR, Cyber Security and ISO 27001 compliant solutions

Next generation banking needs next generation Cloud Services

Reduce risk and improve productivity

We provide highly secure Private Cloud Services and Hybrid Cloud Services, designed to support FCA regulated organisations, tailored to your requirements, designed for GDPR and Cyber Security protection.

Cirro delivers highly resilient, always on Cloud Services to the banking and financial services sector. As a hugely regulated industry, with ever-changing regulatory implications such as GDPR and MiFID, FCA regulated organisations need to be increasingly vigilant about cyber security and data protection while simultaneously achieving more agile IT services.

We deliver services at 25%+ lower cost than most alternate providers

Our always-on services are designed to deliver 30%+ greater performance and capacity.

Many organisations are considering Public Cloud yet soon realise the key elements that are missing.

Cirro Cloud Services deliver a full solution.

  • Integrated Security Policies and Threat Detection to your standards and levels of compliance
  • Design, build and optimisation of Cloud Services
  • Hands on, direct Support by 3rd line engineers
  • Simple, transparent pricing

Managed Cloud from Cirro supports your organisation and your users to maximise efficiencies and improve productivity enabling you to be more profitable and make quicker decisions.

Cirro offers real flexibility with dedicated onsite, Hybrid or Private Cloud Services. Our services and service fulfilment partners are certified to ISO 27001 and Cyber Security Plus. For those processing and storing credit card data we can also deliver PCI DSS certified environments.

Cirro delivers agile ICT solutions to help banks and financial service businesses transform, ensuring cost optimisation, improved performance and reduced risk.

The full Cirro portfolio is available to FCA organisations, ensuring full business continuity, high performing infrastructure with optimised platforms, with virtual hosted desktops.

FCA Cloud Guidance for firms outsourcing to the ‘cloud’ FCA Publication During 2016 the Financial Conduct Authority published updates to guidance on IT outsourcing to include Cloud Services. They did this because previous uncertainty on the topic has been a barrier to cloud adoption.

The FCA publication cover 13 key areas, from Regulatory and risk to Exit Management. Cirro will proactively work with you to ensure all 13 points are effectively covered off and maintained.

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