Research Data Storage from 1.34p

Cloud from 1.34p / GB / month

On-premise from £95 / TB

Available on G-Cloud10

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Research Data Storage Solution

With a 99.999999999% data durability, that’s 1:100bn chance of any data loss!

Designed to support collaboration, security, data integrity and data retention

File Versioning

Pay for storage only

Onsite, Cloud or Hybrid

Encrypted, Secure, embedded anti-ransomware

Lowest Total Cost Storage

Cloud Storage

  • List price – 2p per GB per month
  • Pay for storage only
  • No Ingress/Egress, Read/Write or usage charges
  • Dedicated Portal
  • Patented SwARM technology
  • S3 Compatible with Software Development Kits
  • Available on G-Cloud10
Cloud Storage from 2p per GB per month
Discounted for the first 12 months
Storage Pod

Onsite Storage

  • 5-year OEM Warranty
  • Perpetual Software Licensing
  • 5-year Software Support
  • Set to a single node or multi-node design
  • Set 6:8 or 6:14 erasure coding
  • Up to 5.4PB raw data per rack (456 micro-servers)
  • 7KW power consumption (peak, per rack)
  • From £95 per TB

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