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Protect users, data and service integrity

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Data Protection & GDPR

The focus and onus of data protection has changed since GDPR came in to effect. Cirro has always focused heaviliy on data protection and security. We focus on exception based access and cover:

  • Network Security
  • Access Contol
  • Management Security & Systems
  • Data Security & Protection
  • Compliance, Certificaiton & Governance

Business Continuity

Critical services should be always on & always available

Cirro works with customers to:

  • Audit & define scope
  • Understand systems & processes
  • Document requirements
  • Monitor & measure
  • Plan scenarios
  • Test & audit

What we do…

When we design solutions for customers, we have security, data prtection and service availability as core design principles. We do this for each service, this ensures the right balance between cost, performance, and risk.

How we work…

By understanding your business requirements and system components, we design, deploy and continually improve based on real-world usage, threats and challanges.

How we protect you

We have a different view to trust than most technology providers and businesses who have a ‘trust by default’ ethos. At Cirro, our apporach is zero-trust by default. This measn we design different, protect differently and ultimately, ensure our customers have reduced operational and business risk.

We also work with specialist to take customers through ISO27001 and Cyber Security Essentials as well as a host of other standards. We use 3rd party managed Security Operation Center’s who are independant and can offer customers CISO as a service and independant security testing.

This ensures Cirro remains transparent and accountable.

A complete service

Cirro has three core pilars that ensure we offer a complete service:

  • Agile & Scale
  • Optimse & transform
  • Protect & Continue

Having clearly design principles and focal points allows you to focus on what matters at an individual service element. So you control cost, quality, performance and risk, and ultimately, ensuring you get the outcomes your business needs to thrive.

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Cirro removes the barriers of growth
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