Protecting data, users & system integrity to maximise Uptime

Data Security and Business Continuity

You are nothing without your Data

Cirro identifies and mitigates business risk

We help organisations to understand their risk profile, become compliant, identify and reduce ICT risks and ensure they have a documented and tested Business Continuity Plan.

A Firewall and local backup don’t cut the mustard these days.

Organisations need to be prepared for data loss, cyber-attacks and human error, this doesn’t mean spending fortunes and going crazy on security – but by identifying risks and mitigating them, along with a well-thought-through and tested recovery and continuity plan, organisations can significantly reduce the likelihood of data loss or a security breach.

Cirro has helped NHS suppliers, Government agencies and enterprises become compliant with ISO and Cyber Security standards, reduce risk in internal and external environments and identify risk within software stacks for software vendors, run fully managed Disaster Recover data centres for National Critical Infrastructure operators and help SME’s with low-cost, high-performance cloud recovery.

Pen Testing & Ethical Hacking

DPO & CISO as a Service

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Security Auditing & ISO Compliance

Simulated Phishing Attacks & User Training

DDOS Simulations & Stress Testing

Always on Services

Delivering the right levels of Security, Data Protection and Business Continuity your Business needs

Why Cirro?

  • We design and tailor services for each customer to ensure the best fit
  • By identifying and mitigating risk on a continual basis, we significantly reduce the likelihood of data loss or downtime
  • Our 3rd party specialists support your compliance requirements
  • We can provide independent Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a service
  • Our DPO provides GDPR guardian support services
  • We hold the certification and help customers achieve accreditation

Protecting our customers

We can help you Grow…

Remove the barriers of technology lock-in, whilst improving security and uptime


We can help you Optimise

We Optimise the services that transform your business



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