Professional Services that deliver Outcomes

Get the most out of Cloud Services and Business Transformation with reduced risk and measurable outcomes.

Ensure a quick, smooth transition to an environment optimised for performance, cost, quality and compliance. 

Cirro has an eco-system of specialist providers who we engage with based on your requirements and their core competence, to deliver the most effective outcomes. We work with partners who share a similar philosophy with a customer centric approach, delivering consistent high quality solutions.

This gives the ability to provide an extensive professional services portfolio, from strategic planning, contact centre strategy, WiFi and network audits, to VDI architecture, application delivery and performance monitoring

Stage 1 Services - Understand

Strategic ICT consultancy - sets to understand your business, people, culture and strategic objectives. This is then mapped against an audit which can cover critical areas such as:

  • Financial - looking at spend, budgets, risk, compliance
  • Technical - assets register, current technology usage and adoption, sector innovations and technology fit
  • Cultural, transformation & adoption risk, cultural impact & readiness assessment, training & support

Audit, Survey & Gap Analysis - Audit planning, design and implementation which can include Remote sites or multi-site audits which look to deliver consistent metrics covering a gap analysis of understand the ‘as is’ environment compared against the ‘to be’. This can be high-level, very detailed or elements of both based on initial analysis. The audits look to cover the important areas around performance, utilisation and compliance. This can include detailed onsite technical audits looking at Wi-Fi and network performance and cyber security, application performance management and WAN/LAN performance.

Once the data gather has been completed the next step is to valid and process the data to give meaningful insight in order to clearly gaps, risk and priorities.

Business Case Planning & prioritisation - looks to take audit output and prioritise based on risk and strategic objectives to produce business plans for specific initiatives and projects that will have the greatest impact on cost, performance, productivity, compliance or risk.

Stage 2 - Design & Deliver

Infrastructure Design - designing specifically for a highly optimised (cost, quality, performance) Cloud delivery to your users, be them internal or external. We cover all critical elements from connectivity and domain integration, application and database design, security policies and access controls to business continuity and disaster recovery. Our design process ensures a consistent user experience of services whilst offering the highest degree of flexibility, ensuring certainty and choice whilst maximising uptime and reducing risk. Naturally this is fully document and delivered to your compliance standards and your business continuity and security needs

SoW - we produce a detailed Statement of Works to ensure everyone is fully aware of expectations , deliverables, dependancies and timescales. This is critical in reducing grey areas, project risks and ensuring a successful outcome.

Implement, test & Optimise - we build the environment to your performance and resilience criteria and according to your security requirements. You get to fully test the solution against a pre-agreed test plan. If it doesn’t pass the UAT, you aren’t locked into a contract with us and are free to walk away. During testing we also look at areas we can improve, this could be reducing bottlenecks o improving application or database elements to achieve greater throughput.

Stage 3 Services Monitoring & Performance Management

Alerting, monitoring and performance management - ensures we set, monitor and amend system alerts and to get the right balance of preventative monitoring with actionable information.

Patch management - allows us to providing system patching to the operating system or security elements of environments in a way that works for you.

Remove legacy & secure disposal - we can remove, securely erase, shred and recycle (or re-sell) your legacy hardware and cabling to ISO 14001, we can provide certification of secure erasure. We have zero to landfill policy.


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