Cirro Invests in One Note at a Time

One Note at a Time is a beautifully crafted, feature documentary, rich with colourful characters.

In this mesmerising setting, it shows the tragic effects of a failing USA healthcare system. It’s set in the iconic musical backdrop of New Orleans, where the music stopped in 2005…when one of the most deadly and destructive hurricanes in American history struck.

The flood defences failed, flooding the Crescent City for weeks. Lives were lost and lives were shattered. Many displaced musicians felt compelled to return to the chaos and bleak confusion to play again.

This is the story of some who made it back, told in their own words, with those who fought alongside to resuscitate the music scene; In particular the founders of The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic and Assistance Foundation, a unique medical facility with the motto… ‘Keeping the music ALIVE’.

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Simon Edginton, Cirro Finance Director has been heading this investment initiative and is on the Board of One Note at a Time, he said about this investment:

“It’s been really exciting to assist Renee Edwards the film Director of One Note at a Time and participate in investing in the British Film industry. Renee is passionate about the vibrant Jazz music community in New Orleans and how they coped in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. We became involved to help finalise the Film and associated Album for One Note at a Time. As the Finance Director of Cirro; I felt that I could add value to the project particularly from a financial perspective and am proud to have been part of the team that has helped deliver both the album and film to final release in the UK.  The next stage is Worldwide release and we are also assisting in a related Film project ‘Premonition a Poet’s story’.”

Renee Edwards, Director of One Note at a Time, says of the investment:

“Having worked on ‘One Note at a Time’ since 2007, the film had reached a stage in 2017, we need to gain investment and financial direction to permit the film to meet its full release potential.

In order to coordinate the release, there were simultaneous deliverables requirements from our worldwide sales agent, The Little Film Company, our UK distributor, Munro Films, and the record company mastering and distributing the film’s soundtrack album to 148 platforms worldwide, Louisiana Red Hot Records. The investment itself and the knowledge of funding from Cirro’s Simon Edginton and Michael Owen have turned the film into a world-class proposition, which is being reflected as it takes hold in the independent film marketplace.”

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