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Growth Hub Funding

Cirro are proud to announce we have achieved funding from Dorset Growth Hub!

Our aim is to use the funding to raise awareness of Business Continuity and best practice among local businesses.

We want to use our technical knowledge and expertise to communicate to local organisations the potential commercial risks they face and how to mitigate them.

Cirro is aware that there is so much perceived ‘scaremongering’ about cyber attacks and data breaches and for many SMBs, how and where to start implementing an effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan can be overwhelming.

On top of managing the everyday running of a company, extra time for evaluating and planning Business Continuity plans, especially in IT areas, can seem like an extra mountain to climb and is often left on the ‘not today, maybe tomorrow’ list. A huge number of organisations only invest in BC/DR measures after an event. While this is totally understandable, it puts the organisations and their customers, at risk.

Business Continuity Process


We aim to highlight areas where risk can be at its highest but is the most overlooked. One of the main areas we experience time and again is the lack of communication and understanding between business owners and their IT staff. IT decisions are often left solely to IT departments who interpret requirements very differently.



Company owners often see IT expenditure as a ‘necessary evil’ rather than an investment in protecting their data and internal systems. We would like to encourage owners and IT departments to work together, along with other employees, in evaluating each area of the business to get a holistic view of company security risks.

In today’s climate not only huge, dramatic hacks or natural disasters cause damage to businesses. More pedestrian disruptions such as unexpected IT downtime, connectivity outages, system degradation, or crashed systems can create a massive loss of time and money. Not to mention frustrated customers and staff!

Our goal is to make sure companies have the most effective defences possible against external and internal threats but we also put equal emphasis on Business Continuity. We want to ensure all companies can be back ‘up and running’ after a disaster event as soon and as seamlessly as possible.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301

We plan to help businesses, from any sector, identify what their potential vulnerabilities are, prioritise their applications to keep organizational operations flowing smoothly in the event of a disaster and how to write an effective plan so all staff are aware of their roles in the event of an attack or unexpected downtime. 

In April we will be running workshops and seminars for businesses on disaster limitation and business continuity so if you are interested in finding out more about how to protect your company contact us for dates and we would love to see you there!

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