As a people-focused business, we’re are fully committed to the wellbeing of our team and clients. We are continuing to carefully follow and monitor official COVID-19 guidance from the local governments in the countries where we operate.

In addition, we’re also ISO27001 and ISO22310 certified. As such we have business continuity and contingency plans to ensure we can continue to fully deliver our high standard of service and uptime throughout the pandemic.

Cirro has limited global exposure

  • Our employees are all UK based
  • Our Project Management Office is based in Ireland

 Cirro has a Business Continuity Plan

  • We hold ISO 22301 2012 – Business Continuity. This standard focuses on all operational aspects of the business to ensure we can continue to operate as normally as possible under most circumstances
  • Our BC plan is regularly reviewed and enhanced
  • All staff can work remotely
  • We practice what we preach and only use Cloud services and Software as a Service
  • The potential impacts of COVID-19 have been fully considered, reviewed and updated accordingly

Helping with your Business Continuity Planning

The following articles might help your business during the current challenging climate:

The potential impacts of COVID-19 have been included in our Business Continuity Plan

  • COVID-19 has been formally risk-assessed by our Operations team, our business continuity plan reviewed and updated accordingly

Complying with Government guidelines

  • Cirro is monitoring and complying to all Government guidelines and will continue to do so, our key priorities are the safety and well-being of staff and customers whilst maintaining our high standard of service and uptime

How we’ve minimised the risk of any potential impact of COVID-19 on our business and our customers

  • Regularly notifying staff of Government Guidelines, and changes to these
  • Reviewed critical project deliverables with customers
  • Monitored capacity of services
  • Checked BC planning of all key suppliers
  • Asked staff to refrain from non-critical travel and limit exposure
  • Reviewed and updated Business Continuity plan for each operational area
  • To prioritise risks effectively, we maintain a risk register. It’s scored against three ratings: High, Medium or Low. And against three areas: Impact, Likelihood, Ease of Detection

Our ability to maintain service levels and support customers

  • We don’t foresee any issues with maintaining customer SLA’s or support
  • We have contacted all major sub-contractors to ensure a suitable plan has been put in place
  • Any projects that include site visits have been discussed with each customer and updated accordingly

If you have any further questions please speak contact us by email [email protected] or talk directly to your primary contact