German DC

Cloud Service -now available in Germany

Last year Cirro successfully migrated a major healthcare software provider from a public cloud platform to our managed private cloud services platform.


They chose to put their trust in us for this transformation as we proved diligent and effective in identifying and reducing issues such as potential weaknesses at the infrastructure level to improve the performance of corresponding applications.

Working with us they have experienced a huge increase in stability and reliability, cost-saving and clear billing, much greater satisfaction amongst end users and increased company performance.

From delivering our standard excellent customer service, to have been asked to migrate services in Germany for the same software provider as well to deliver the highest standard of managed private cloud services.

The result, two new data centres being deployed in Germany to support local customers in that market. Essentially this means we have full cloud stack capability in this region, supporting our entire portfolio, from basic IaaS to fully managed platforms and VDI.

GDPR logo

Germany falls under EU law and therefore GDPR. the majority of German organisations have a strong preference to hold the data in-country. This means leveraging other EU platforms is not possible.

“This deployment strengthens our existing relationship, opens new opportunities and widens our scope,” said Michael Owen – Cirro MD.

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