What is ISO 22301 and how can it help my Business Reduce Risk?

One of the reasons why Cirro Solutions offers the best business continuity and disaster recovery services is because we are ISO 22301 certified. As you can see by our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity ISO 22301, we wear the certification proudly as we know that it shows the grandeur of the services which we offer and that many other companies in the arena do not have the certification. 

ISO 22301 is fairly new, but what is the ISO 22301, why is it important for a business continuity service to have it, and how can it help your business reduce risk?

What is ISO 22301?

Released in 2012 by the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 22301: 2012, Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements was released to help all sizes and types of business be better prepared to handle any form of disruption. It directly addresses business continuity management and is used to make businesses more resilient. 

The basis of ISO 22301 is to instate the business continuity management system as the optimal way to ensure business continuity. It has set the international standard for business continuity management by establishing the framework to maintain, operate, plan, implement, establish, monitor, review, and continually improve a business continuity management system. Those implementing ISO 22301, such as Cirro, have been able to demonstrate to all parties that they adhere to this framework and perform good practice in business continuity management. 

Business continuity management systems which adhere to ISO 22301 all deliver the benefits of protecting revenue and profits, being compliant with regulatory requirements, and providing the best possible recovery from a debilitating or damaging incident. The systems created in line with ISO 22301 consider the whole of the organisation in its entirety and include business continuity plans that focus on the recovery of specific functions as well as full disaster recovery.

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Why is ISO 22301 important?

ISO 22301 has changed the focus of business continuity to make it more functional, adaptive, and effective in the modern business world. Instead of only developing a plan to put in place in case of any setbacks, the business continuity management systems that are aligned with ISO 22301 are an ongoing process of management which require the right people to work in conjunction with the right structures and support to ensure that the system performs for the business when it’s needed. 

The standard for business continuity places a newfound emphasis on the need to plan for the business to return to normal after acting on a business continuity plan as a result of an incident. It allows the business to plan ahead to determine and assess the correct course of action once the initial emergency is addressed. The ICO 22301 also declares the need for a well-defined incident response structure to make sure that a response to an incident is dealt with and escalated promptly while also giving the right people the power to take effective action when necessary. 

Testing and performing exercises are also fundamental to ISO 22301. Structured exercises which can take the forms of tests or incident response simulations help the business to gain assurances that, when called upon for a real incident, the business continuity arrangements put in place will work as anticipated. Through this form of training and awareness building, members of the business improve their reactions to disruptions, and the arrangements get tested. ISO 22301 emphasises plan, do, check, act as a way of helping to minimise the effects of disruptive incidents. 

Through changing the focus to business continuity management systems, those who abide by the ISO 22301 are able to offer a far more wide-spanning and comprehensive service to their clients.

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How can ISO 22301 help a business reduce risk?

The activities emphasised in ISO 22301 allow business continuity management systems to test their plans before a real incident occurs, which adds an enhanced level of protection against risk through what is almost a trial and error approach to find the methods which suit your business the best. Through the use of these exercises, members of the business also become better at effectively handling disruptive incidents, thus further reducing the risk of an incident having larger consequences. 

But the main way in which an ISO 22301 business continuity management system is able to reduce risk is through its flexibility. It allows a business to plan and deploy effective plans, can be built around any form or size of business, and can be updated to meet the new needs of a business as it evolves. 

To see how our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity ISO 22301 can help your business reduce risk, call one of our expert Business Continuity Consultants today.