How to effectively use Cloud for Data Back-up, Recovery and Business Continuity

In the modern world, data collection, data analysis, and data storage is core to all forms of business and it is crucial for each business to continue its operations and move forward. A business losing its data, be it recent entries or the entire backlog, could be detrimental and result in months of work to recover as much of it as possible.

Having an onsite back-up for your business’ data is an important first step and one that almost all reputable businesses will have taken. However, to ensure a greater, much-needed level of protection for your data and maintain business continuity, making use of a trusted external cloud storage service provider capable of handling even the largest back-up needs, such as Cirro Solutions, is crucial to further reduce risk. 

Many problems can arise onsite and within your business’ network to result in a loss of data, which is why off-site cloud storage solutions, which are isolated from the rest of your business, are such an effective method for backing-up your data. 

Why should I use cloud back-up? 

Businesses need a back-up plan for data, but having just one onsite back-up isn’t enough anymore. The basic back-up strategy of 3-2-1 states that all businesses need to have three copies of their data with back-ups split between onsite and offsite storage. However, as business and technology have evolved, the 3-2-1 method is being seen as too primitive for modern business back-up needs. 

Many new adaptations of the basic 3-2-1 back-up strategy are being deployed to reduce risk, increase performance, and ensure the safety of your data. These days, the offsite copy will invariably refer to a cloud back-up service as it is the most convenient and cost-effective way to back-up data. 

The 3-1-2 emphasises the need to have one type of onsite back-up and then two copies with cloud services whose servers are based in different locations. 3-2-2 is a good mix of having plenty of onsite and offsite back-up options. 3-2-3 is a unique option which adds another level of offsite back-up, utilising two different media types for onsite back-up, two different cloud back-up services, and then a third offsite back-up in the form of another physical back-up that’s stored at a second site. 

Overall, your continuity provider needs to be able to offer a flexible approach to your back-up needs and get the balance right between utilising existing assets, reducing risk, and increasing performance. Those who wish to perform recoveries onsite will want more local media back-ups while businesses prepared to recover via a cloud back-up quickly should deploy more offsite back-ups.

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Managed Cloud Service Provider Benefits

Using an onsite back-up isn’t the safest way to hold your data anymore. If something happens to your business’ location, your data will be in jeopardy, potentially leaving you without any means of maintaining business continuity. Back-ups placed on hard drives or discs are also susceptible to theft, as is data held within your business’ network. 

With cloud back-up, regardless of the size of your back-up needs, you can trust that all of the stored data is safe, secure, and easily accessible when needed. To ensure the highest level of security, your data will be encrypted on your system by the service program before being sent to cloud back-up servers and copied across multiple servers to guarantee that you can access your data even if a cloud back-up server goes down. There is also the added benefit of the unlimited nature of cloud back-up storage, meaning that as your business continues to evolve and needs to secure more data, you won’t need to worry about acquiring more storage devices or a bigger storage room. 

Mitigating risk and having a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure business continuity should your onsite back-ups be unavailable is necessary for every modern business and can be achieved through the use of a cloud back-up.

How difficult is it to set up a cloud back-up? 

Ensuring the integrity of your data through cloud-based storage has never been easier than right now with Cirro Solutions. All you need to do is call up one of our expert Business Continuity Consultants, explain your needs, and then we’ll set up a service that’s tailored to your needs. 

Once the cloud back-up is in place, you can trust that all of your business’ data is safe, secure, and readily available should you need access. All that’s needed from you after set-up is monitoring and managing alerts as well as perform test restores and downloads. It’s the easy and cost-effective way to measure and mitigate risk and to maximise your ability to always be prepared.

Call one of our Business Continuity Consultants to learn more about our managed recovery and continuity service against your disaster recovery plan today.

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