How cloud solutions can support your critical strategic objectives

Every business has critical strategic objectives that it aims to meet. 

These objectives have long included growth as well as being able to make the organisation more agile in reacting to various factors, including technological innovations, developments in the market, and the growth of the organisation itself.  

In modern times, it has also become crucial for each business to protect their digital assets against all threats, which the ever-progressing world of technology can make difficult for an organisation to achieve. Businesses are now also setting digital transformation objectives, and while most who embark on a digital transformation programme is only scratching the surface. 

The journey towards achieving this cannot simply be done overnight by swapping out traditional strategies for new technology, with many organisations struggling with a ‘pure switch to the Cloud’. Instead, the need to implement a honed plan, that sets a journey to modernise your business’ process management, operations and supporting ICT infrastructure, for which using cloud-based solutions can play a critical role.  

Enabling and facilitating growth with ease

Using technology as part of a business is commonplace, but using the right technology to enable optimum growth and agile operations aren’t very common. Many organisations, be they new or old, employ traditional IT infrastructure, which ultimately limits their growth potential. The limitations not only come from the duration in which infrastructure can perform to an optimum level, but also from the need to spend capital on installing, maintaining, updating, fixing, and replacing hardware.

Traditional IT greatly limits your organisation’s growth potential and the speed at which it can grow, with regular upgrade costs, costs to maintain, and the inflexibility of the hardware putting your business under pressure to maintain a competitive position, where other organisations can deploy more cost-effective and flexible strategies. Utilising more agile, cloud-based service, alongside on-site IT infrastructure reduces the friction that comes from the hardware being unable to adapt to your organisation’s evolving needs as it is constantly upgrading itself to offer the best security, performance levels, and ease of use.  

Cirro tailor-make solutions based on the current challenges of your organisation as well as your desired outcomes; this approach delivers agile service designed to scale in size and scope with ease when and how needed. With the right cloud solution being implemented that delivers a more agile approach to operations and business processes, you can progress along the journey of reducing operational costs which can be reinvested back into the business to fuel growth or additional developments that deliver value.

Cloud solutions are applicable to all types and sizes of organisation, not just long-established brands in need of updating their IT services. Cirro Smart Growth is designed to support early-stage start-ups or SMEs which need support to achieve growth, we previously discussed the benefits of Managed Cloud Services 

Flexibility is key to agility 

An organisation’s ability to be agile in adapting to change and growth is crucial. The traditional onsite hardware-centric approach cannot offer the necessary agility required for the modern business, as it lacks the flexibility needed. 

With traditional IT solutions, it can take weeks to months to procure and provision the new hardware required to improve your organisation’s agility, whereas adapting cloud-based services can take anything from mere milliseconds to a few hours. Through automation, cloud efficiency is even more effective and greatly reduces the time demands on IT staff. Users of cloud-based solutions also benefit from innovations much sooner, thanks to the flexibility of cloud infrastructure, further enhancing your business’ agility.  

As Cirro designs cloud-based solutions based on your organisation’s current and future needs, the solution remains flexible as it evolves with you, ensuring your business has the agility that it needs. With Cirro managing the service, you can turn your attention to the core functional operations of your organisation.

Protecting digital assets is more necessary than ever 

More of each organisation’s most important assets are digital these days, making protecting digital assets more important than ever. Hardware and software can quickly become outdated in the defence of your digital assets, but a flexible and ever-evolving service such as a cloud-based solution utilises the latest innovations to ensure the protection of your data and systems.

Organisations which choose to utilise a cloud service have to balance its usage with access management and system integration, requiring a different approach to security and business continuity to bring about the required level of digital asset protection. Cirro helps to protect your assets while building the levels of resilience and availability that your organisation needs to ensure both data protection and service continuity.  

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Digital transformation is becoming a critical strategic objective  

Over the next couple of years, a significant number of organisations are expected to embark on digital transformation initiatives. As your business requirements and end-to-end processes change, many services, tools, systems, and processes will lose synchronicity with your organisation, which impacts the overall quality and output, ultimately impact on the value they deliver to the business.  

Undergoing digital transformation initiatives will give your organisation more flexibility and agility, allowing for the adoption of new technology to be much smoother to bring back your innovative edge. Cirro can help your business to operate efficiently and become agile through digital transformation projects, including elements of business process reengineering and management, technical resource and transition management, and operational migration from legacy systems. 

The needs of each business to embark on this journey will differ depending on current issues, the in-house and external expertise available, use-cases, and your desired outcomes. Through striking a balance between Cirro’s cloud services and your existing on-site systems, your organisation can achieve growth, regain agility, effectively protect your digital assets, and commence a digital transformation strategy.  

For more information, check out our guide to achieving growth, the smart way, or contact a member of the Cirro team.