Achieve Growth, the smarter way

Secure investment, build a management team, gain routes to market, achieve growth; quicker.

We enable growth by sourcing finance and providing routes to market.

Many start-ups & early-stage innovators, struggle to secure financing and achieve growth.


Building a commercial organisation that generates revenue is a significant challenge, as is scaling your operation.

Because Cirro Smart Growth supports organisations from an early-stage investment. We help deliver growth, quicker.

Furthermore, Cirro has established routes to market, which could accelerate revenue opportunities and growth for your solution.

Cirro Smart Growth

Validate Proposition with Market Analysis or Test

Generate Proof of Concept or complete Trials

Secure Investment

Build a Commercial & Operational Management team

Achieve Growth through Sales and Distribution

Who is Cirro Smart Growth for?

Cirro Smart Growth is designed to support innovative organisations, that are at an early stage start-up or are an SME, they, typically need support to achieve growth:

  • A technology-led organisation with an innovative solution, that can address a real market need
  • Already has a working prototype, or may have existing initial deployments
  • Need to establish themselves quickly, due to market timing and competitive positioning
  • Would be able to achieve smarter growth, by utilising the existing channels, customers and routes to market, Cirro maintains

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Secure Investment


For many innovators and entrepreneurs, securing finance is a major milestone. But then reality hits, investors have targets and expectations, which you need to meet.

As you grow, so the operational challenge of scaling and your organisation grows. Cirro Smart Growth is a set of principles that support your business needs. Because we have an existing network of investors, service providers and sales channels, we can, therefore, accelerate your growth and reduce risk.

Scale & Grow


Cirro has proven operational practises and technologies. They are designed to support your business through various stages of growth. Encompassing key elements such as building a Board, securing advisers, providing operational frameworks and ensuring investor relations.

Cirro Smart Growth can deliver revenues and build strategic relationships on your behalf. We do this through our established routes to market, with Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, OEM’s, ISV’s and telcos.

Your Key Growth Challenges, Addressed

Secure investment. Build an operational management team. Utilise infrastructure that scales as you grow.

Generate revenues from the right customer base. Accelerate the sales cycle by utilising existing relationships.

Cirro works with many Innovators, supporting smarter growth by selling through existing channels. We look at how new innovations can integrate with, or be natural add-ons, to existing solutions.


This approach helps us to generate more powerful market propositions. Therefore, a single channel can take multiple solutions from us. This is a far more impactful way of selling and creating value.


The outcome ensures Cirro is seen as a source for continual new innovations by our channels and customers. It gives us greater access, at a higher level, in the sectors we operate in. Furthermore, we capitalise on the synergies of collaboratively selling multiple solutions, that address multiple market needs, within a given market sector.


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ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard Certification
ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Standard
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