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Cirro Innovation aims to introduce evolution, creativity and intuitive problem solving to our customers

Innovative cloud solutions for service providers.

Increase your customer base.

All service providers would like to offer new, innovative solutions that improve their customer experience. Unfortunately, due to internal processes, systems, resource issues and restrictions, it’s not always possible. That’s where we can help.

With us as your outsourced innovation arm, you can focus on effectively delivering other important aspects of your business. We offer a full cloud service portfolio and a range of wrap-around professional services, including:

• Resell or white-labelled cloud service portfolio.
• Full end-to-end service delivery and management.
• Sales and pre-sales support/training.
• Content, collateral and documentation.
• Helpdesk and support.
• Billing.
• Change control.
• Security and managed services.

Support and infrastructure services for tech start-ups and innovators.

Helping you build, improve and optimise your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business founder, you can utilise our specialist knowledge and capabilities to support your organisation. Whether it’s to secure funding, reduce your risk to investors, optimise market opportunities, enhance your customer experience or something else, we can help you by providing:

  • Design, build and manage optimised Cloud Infrastructure
  • Provide scale-out design principles to support growth
  • Work with your development team to add Infrastructure related code
  • Deliver security-related design principles
  • Provide assistance with Infrastructure planning to secure investment
  • Market validation through the Cirro partner network
  • Access to customers and investors
  • Access to specialist providers for Compliance & Governance

Take your business to the next level, with Cirro

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