Supporting ISVs in delivering always on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to global customers.

Together, we deliver always on, high performing cloud infrastructure our customers can rely on

Software vendors are moving from delivering onsite software, to always on Cloud Services with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Delivering true SaaS represents significant change to platform and infrastructure requirements

Cirro supports Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are looking to deliver new technology or SaaS models to global markets. ISVs need consistently high performance, highly optimised and secure environments with the ability to support various sector standards and compliance requirements. 

Software companies are experts on their applications. Cirro address the global infrastructure, networking, security and standards challenges software vendors face to distribute their applications to a global market. 

The way we deliver Cloud Services means you get exactly what you need, from always on SQL clusters, DMZ for web front ends and support for both multi-tenancy and private node deployments. Additionally, your developers may need to spin-up a test or development environment, take snapshots of your product environment or run full testing before deploying an upgrade.

The Cirro difference for Software Vendors is that we work with you to set the right application and platform monitoring thresholds and auto-scale measures. This helps to ensure the full health and integrity of the environment. We can also deliver application performance monitoring services and scheduled reboots of machines to maintain integrity.

We typically load-balance your applications over multiple environments with geo-routing and eBGP failover. The datacentres we use are all ISO 27001, with multiple carriers with connectivity to HSCN and Janet.

Cirro cloud architects will also work with your teams to ensure the environment is optimised for your users and application suite. This maximises platform density, typically delivering 15-20% high number of concurrent sessions, giving you a lower total cost, with an always on environment.

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