Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure solutions.

Compute power where you need it most, onsite and Private Cloud

Advances in Software Defined Infrastructure and System Management Software, has allowed organisations to extend their domain into a cloud environment and consume services on demand.

By working in this way, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure becomes of real advantage.

Cirro delivers Hybrid Cloud solutions and Edge Computing, from multiple data-centres, ensuring the right balance between functionality, security, resilience and quality. Allowing you to best utilise your existing assets and control where workloads are best served.

Hybrid Cloud is of real significance to enterprises. It means they don't have to choose between onsite hardware or external Public Cloud, which can be seen as losing control and increasing risk. A Private Hybrid environment offers the perfect blend. 

Allowing an organisation to extend the network via a point to point or MPLS link, or by SDN. System Centre can sit as a Hybrid Cloud Management Application, monitoring and managing all devices over all nodes, regardless of hardware ownership or geographic location.

Hybrid Cloud from Cirro allows organisations to consume as a utility as a service basis. Enabling enterprises to deploy faster, develop quicker, reduce risk, utilise existing ICT investment, build out environments as required such as test, development or production, prototype new concepts or technologies and improve visibility and management control.

Cirro can also deliver private instances of Microsoft Azure Pack, or AWS skinned cloud servers, delivered to ISO 27001, from named in-country data centres.

Services are available on many of the main global networks and to HSCN and the UK Education network JANet.


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