Streamline your IoT projects with Cirro’s Management Application.

Manage all your IoT devices and data from one intuitive platform. 

Transform your IoT Projects with our intuitive Enterprise Application

Easily, design, deploy, monitor and control your devices, analyze data, and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Streamlining your IoT projects and optimising your connected devices in real-time.

Integrate into business processes and build automation scripts, with internal systems, machine learning scripts and internal reporting tools for end-to-end lifecycle management.

Customisable dashboard, to track key metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Example Use Cases

Take your IoT projects to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.

Plug & Play with 100’s of catalogued devices & sensors

LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, M2M, WiFi, sigFox, Modbus, M-Bus, enocean

Device Lifecycle & Inventory Management with fault detection & audit history

Data Pipeline & Publishing with customer business logic & event-driven alerts

Integrate with Restful API’s and create bespoke applications with the SDK

Unlock the full potential of your IoT devices.

Managing IoT devices can be complex and challenging, but with our enterprise-grade application specifically designed for IoT device management, you can easily monitor, control, and optimize your devices. With Cirro’s IoT Management Application, unlock the full potential of your IoT devices and bring intuition to your projects.

Simplify your IoT projects with one powerful tool.

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and streamline your workflow. Design, install & configure, monitor and manage, all through a single UI; IoT Platform as a Service, a simple, intuitive application of IoT tools.

Control your IoT projects like a pro.

Integrate directly into business systems and operational workflows with a header API, or create bespoke applications and machine learning capabilities with the RESTfulAPI. Allowing you to manage end-to-end IoT lifecycle and business needs.

Any device, any network, any protocol.

With an extensive catalogue of existing IoT devices & sensors, networks & connectivity options and common IoT and industrial protocols, you can effortlessly build-out your IoT projects, in a secure and simplified way that reduces risk and complexity.

Let’s discuss your IoT projects…

Headless API for integration with existing and future IoT applications

Discover the Endless Possibilities of IOT Across Every Industry

Example Use Cases

Reduce Asset Loss and Replacement Costs with IOT’s Geolocation Technology

Real-time tracking of mobile assets using low-cost battery-powered devices.

Geolocation using LPWAN network and in-building Wi-Fi positioning.

Reduced asset loss and replacement costs.

Location & Temperature Sensors

Reduce Your Energy Consumption & Track Your Carbon Footprint with IOT Sub-Metering

Measure energy consumption by retail tenants, concessions and infrastructure such as EV chargers.

MID-certified meters send consumption data at 15-minute intervals.

CT clamps avoid interruption of supply during installation.

Up to 40% reduction in energy consumption and improved recovery through usage-based billing.

Pulse Count with Electricity Meter

Keep Your Perishable Goods Safe with Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless temperature monitoring of refrigeration units.

LoRa WAN gateway and compatible sensors Installed on-premises. The application provides real-time status, alerts, and HSE reporting.

Workforce optimisation and improved productivity. Increased monitoring of perishable goods.

Full audit trail and digital records.

Ambient Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Never Lose Track of Your Temperature-Sensitive Mobile Assets with IOT Sensors

Temperature, location and door open/close monitoring.

Application logic to set and monitor thresholds. Event-based alerting.

Full audit trail of transport for Health & Safety compliance.

Reduce wastage.

Identification of cold chain failures.

Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Location & Contact Sensors

Optimise Your Commercial Property Space with IOT Technology

Utilisation of space and assets within a commercial property.

Directional footfall at key points of ingress/egress. Room and desk occupancy.

Ventilation performance.

Identify over and underutilised assets. Ensure an improved work environment.

Temperature, Ambient CO2, Motion, Occupancy, TVOC (air quality) Sensors

Efficient & Cost-Effective Solutions for Legionella Compliance & Water Safety

Automated legionella testing and water safety.

24 hr monitoring. Digital record and PDF report for any time period.

Exception alerting to prioritise manual testing. Scald and Freeze alerts.

Improved productivity of resources.

Reduced cost.

Flow & Temperature Sensors

Streamline Local Government Services with IOT Automation

Deployment and maintenance of multiple sensor types.

Multiple applications in an efficient single operating framework.

Complete secure data access to any approved party to provide additional value in the analysis of data.

Reduced management overhead.

Reduced cost of devices and acquisition data.

Increased range actionable insight.

Future-proofed integration to business systems.

Quicker return on investment.

Track Footfall and Occupancy for Multiple Sites; Parks & Public Spaces

Resource utilisation monitoring.

Tracking footfall and occupancy across multiple sites.

Data records of people’s movement against weather, marketing campaigns, new public resources, business rates, etc.

Traffic Flow & Occupancy Sensors

Keep Your Empty Properties Safe and Secure with IOT Void Property

Secure empty properties to protect against anti-social behaviour, and deliver on safety requirements.

Centralised monitoring of multiple sites, integrated into existing workforce management to alert relevant stakeholders.

Leak detection, water/energy consumption, door open/close.

Reduced costs of security and maintenance team visits.

Reduces risk and improves resource utilisation & response

Contact, Motion, Water Leak & Electricity Meter Sensors

Ensure the Integrity of Your Physical Infrastructure with IOT Monitoring

Monitoring the health of distributed physical infrastructure.

Monitor incidence of damage or vandalism. Provide information on whether assets are upright.

Provide location and asset ID, to optimise the data for maintenance.

Reduced site visits, improving workforce productivity.

Better customer service. Reduced time to fix.

Spatial positioning Sensors

Reduce Costs and Emissions with IOT Waste Management

Monitors the fill level of waste containers.

Compatible with 90% of bins.

Accurately measures the fill level of waste wells, dustbins, containers, and other bins.

Up to 50% reduction in waste management costs.

Reduced activity from heavy traffic, reducing fuel costs and emissions.

Improved experience for visitors and the local population.

Fill Level Sensors

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