Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that’s invisible to your users

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that ensures a consistent user experience, delivers centralised management

Reduce cost and support incidents, improve efficiency, simply management and reduce risk from Cyber Security and Data Breach

Virtual Windows Desktop with guaranteed performance, inherently secure and robust

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can have a number of significant benefits when it is well managed and delivered effectively.

The Cloud VDI as a Service does just that. The grid design improves availability, user segregation reduces cyber security and the impact of crypto-locker threats and the application layer ensures fast working desktops with the latest application updates available.

Benefits of Cloud VDI

  • Inherently secure with Advanced Threat Detection on the network, separation from other Tenants and user segregation to contain incidents
  • Home working, remote access and business continuity, allows users full access to their desktop environments from any supported device
  • Centralisation of management and control, with full governance over patching and updates, simplified updates and Global desktop images so ever user has the same experience
  • Pay per desktop type per month, scale desktop performance on demand
  • Cost reduction through better management, no hardware upgrade, reduce vendor and software lock-in, increased speed to implement changes and new applications, 70% reduction in energy and 50%+ reduction in support incidents.

Cloud VDI is built on high-end HPE servers and solid state 3Par storage to ensure optimum performance and consistent experience. All aspects of the service are included in a simple monthly fee, including all licensing.

You only need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Local Area Network and Ethernet connection.

Sat behind the VDI, you can also subscribe to any number of Cloud Services such as Application or File & Print Servers.

Cloud9 supports Windows 7 or 10 capable of supporting voice and video.

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