Ultra secure file sharing and collaboration for GDPR environments

Ultimate data protection for file sharing with a full audit trail, highly configurable access controls and deep encryption

Centralise your file system and allow users to effectively collaborate in a highly secure and fully audited way for GDPR compliance and Data Protection

Users need secure audited access to data

Businesses need Dropbox-style functionality with much higher levels of security, administration, auditing, encryption and control.

Regardless of your views on GDPR, its happening and organisations need to be prepared for it. Ultimately it is a good thing for both businesses and users, ensuring good working practices are in place to protect data.

Cirro’s solution takes this a few stages further.

Based on delivery from our Cloud Service platform we deploy secure solutions that sit in front of your existing file servers, acting as a secure proxy.

This ensures:

  • You aren’t paying for additional storage
  • You don’t have additional file systems to maintain
  • Access from most devices
  • Data encryption (AES 256-bit) and remote secure removal
  • Support for two factor authentication
  • Integrates with NTFS and AD and with Office & Outlook
  • Free (web-only) access to customers and partners
  • API’s and third-party integrations
  • Granular folder permissions
  • File share expiration and secure removal
  • Full version control
  • End point protection and data leak prevention.

Meeting the specific file sharing requirements for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors

Remote Access and Sync

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN. FileCloud offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: Web access, sync, virtual drive, mobile apps, WebDAV and browser add-ons.

Search and Audit Tools

FileCloud’s audit reports help system administrators to manage enterprises of any size, understand usage and monitor user behaviour. The reports and filtering tools can be easily accessed via the centralized administrator dashboard.

Shared Content – Compliance

Helps you comply with corporate and regulatory requirements – using FileCloud’s shared files report, administrators can spot any sensitive content being mistakenly shared outside the organization.

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