Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Optimised, Secure, Managed

Tailored Virtual Machines for Windows, Linux or Terminal Services, certified to ISO 27001

Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Cirro delivers tailored platforms for Windows Virtual Machines or Linux environments that can support Terminal Services, a bespoke Patching Policy, Business Continuity plan, Security and Data Protection requirements

Optimal PaaS environments are designed, built and managed by Cloud Architects who you can talk to directly

PaaS – Terminal Services

Platform as a Service from Cirro can be tailored and optimsed to support Terminal Services which can prove challenging when delivered via Public Cloud.

Delivering Terminal Services as a Cloud PaaS requires knowledge of the application, services and networking as well as how best to distribute the application to users. This could also incorporate a VDI virtual desktop environment that can support the application sequencing and distribution to end-users.

This also ensures greater control over Terminal Services updates, management and cyber security. Regardless of your Terminal Service needs, Cirro can provide an optimsed PaaS environment for you.

Microsoft Virtual Machines

Managed Platform as a Service, provides full windows OS patching and updates and can also include cyber security, threat detection, vulnerability scans and anti-virus software such as Bitdefender. We design your platform around operational, security, availability and compliance needs as well as functionality.

Microsoft Virtual Machine PaaS can be delivered as Windows Server 2088, 2010, 2012r2 or 2018.

PaaS – Linux – CentOS / Ubuntu

Managed Linux Platform as a Service is popular with software development and application vendors. We support CentOS and Ubuntu as popular options and these deployments are tailored to requirement.

Application Performance Monitoring

Platforms are generally running an application or critical services that need an element of monitoring. This can be on specific PaaS thresholds such as server resource usage and spare capacity to application specific alerts. Good monitoring helps to proactively maximize platform up-time.

PaaS – Optimising Platforms

Works with you to provide meaningful insight, advice and guidance on what we are seeing. We look at all elements of how the platforms are responding and performing in specific circumstances.

25% lower cost than industry average with greater capacity and throughput because it’s tailored to your requirements

PaaS – Cyber Security, IDS/IPS

Built around the PaaS sits the required cyber and network security layers which can include network segregation and DMZ’s, two-factor authentication and advanced threat detection. This sits in front of and behind the platform to ensure the entire environment is correctly locked down and specific ports and protocols are opened to support usage and management access.

PaaS – Anti-Virus

The vast majority of standard AV applications are supported within the PaaS environment. Our preferred choice is BitDefender which is deployed as standard for better security and data protection.

PaaS and GDPR

The DPA is out dated and has been replaced by GDPR and our role for PaaS is as a Data Processor. Our customers or the end user is responsible as the Data Controller, however part of our obligation is to ensure the PaaS is secure, fit for purpose and adequately protected. We work proactively with customers to understand data protection and integrity requirements.

PaaS – Security Standards and ISO 27001 certification

Our entire supply chain is ISO 27001 certified with Cyber Essentials as a minimum requirement. This ensures our services operate at standard industry best practice and customers gain a sensible level of security validation.

Platform Optimisation

All customer platforms are closely monitored and optimised to ensure they offer the best levels of cost, quality and performance. Our view is that if our environments are optimised, secure, robust, scalable and deliver the outcomes our customers need we give no reason for customers to leave, ensuring long-term steady growth.

Platform Patching & Updates

A critical part of what we do for PaaS customers is to deliver a patching policy that fits around their business to minimize downtime and any risks. This maximizes uptime and provides PaaS tailored to requirements. Windows patching in particular has proven challenging for many organisation to keep on top of on a regular basis. PaaS from Cirro removes this challenge.

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