Object Storage – S3, NFS & SMB

Fixed price object storage, available onsite or hybrid

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a way of organising and managing data into objects consisting of 4 parts:

  • The data itself
  • The metadata that defines how it should be used
  • Custom attributes that give specific details about the files
  • A unique identifier to locate the object.

Object Storage is designed to be far lower cost than traditional file or block storage. It is used for big data repositories, back-up, data archiving, multi-media, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) or other large data sets. S3 is an Object Storage Protocol.

Object Storage Use Cases
ARM micro-server

Why Cirro Solutions for Object Storage?

  • Utilising a unique design, which incorporates both Hardware and Software.  This ensures end-to-end control and management.
  • The lowest total cost, S3 Object Storage Solution available.
  • Designed for Onsite Storage, Private Cloud Storage and Public Cloud Storage.
  • The solution is built around ARM micro-servers. They use 50% power consumption when compared to alternatives.
  • This design can grow from 240TB to full hyper-scale.
  • Each ARM micro-server has its own network connectivity and storage device.
  • Embedded protection against Cryptolockers.
  • S3 native, Virtual Block Storage; SMB, NFS, CIFS.
  • Integrated API and developer tools.

Breaking the Traditional Storage Stack

Our S3 Storage solution includes all the elements of the storage stack. It includes the storage disks, controllers, front-end servers and all the software licenses. On top of reducing total storage cost, it simplifies the management compared to traditional storage, that is often comprised of multiple vendors.

Our onsite Object Storage infrastructure is plug & play. Additionally, configuration and support are included. No technical training is required, no other hidden costs: just add power and bandwidth.

  • Simplified design
  • Fully integrated architecture
  • Fully system design; hardware, software & networking
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Reduced impact of failures
  • Self-healing and secure by design
  • S3 native
  • IPv6 native, IPv4 compatible
Cynny Space Storage Stack v's Traditional Stack

Object Storage from Cirro

Lowest Cost Object Storage

Highly secure, encrypted data storage

99.999999999% data durability

Available as Cloud, Onsite or Hybrid Storage

Limitless scales and high performance

Object Storage FAQ’s

Q: What is the Minimum storage amount available?

For onsite deployments, this costs-in, once the storage amount is 240TB or greater.

Q: For onsite rack deployment, what networking switch do we need?

The Software Defined Storage rack comes complete with Dual Access Hub’s and Switches. This ensures a Rack is fully deployed without the need of any additional hardware of licensing. It only needs to be cabled into your local environment.

Q: How do you charge for Onsite Storage?

This is typically a capital purchase which include licensing, 5 years warranty and support. However, we can support various commercial models.

Q: What is the price for Cloud Storage?

Pricing for Cloud Object Storage starts from is £0.02 per GB per month, however this discounts to £0.01 per GB per month based on scale

Q: What level of data durability do you support?

Each file is split by the protocol in chunks. Each chunk is split into 6 different sub-chunks. We then provide various erasure coding options:

  • Standard Durability – Single Data Centre Design – 2 copies and 2 parity of every 6 sub-chunks are stored. Each sub-chunk is stored in 14 different micro-servers. This has a 99,999999999% SLA on data durability
  • High Durability / Hybrid Durability – 2 locations – A copy and a parity of every 6 sub-chunks are stored in both locations, fully replicated. This has a 99,999999999% SLA on data durability
  • Reduced Durability – Single Data Centre Design –  1 copy and 1 parity of every 6 sub-chunks are stored. Each sub-chunk is stored in 8 different micro-servers. This has a 99,9999% SLA on data durability.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance

This ensures Cirro can consistently provide products and services that meet customers requirements and satisfaction through effective measurement of quality assurance.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification

Cirro must Specify the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the organisation. We must also understand our risk profile and how to reduce risk.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard Certification

ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for the environmental management policy that Cirro uses to enhance its environmental performance, fulfilment of obligations and achievement of environmental objectives.

ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Standard

Cirro provides Business Continuity solutions and felt that we needed ISO 22301:2012 which ensure we as an organisation have fully documented policies for disruptions to our business to ensure we can continue to provide services and operate effectively.

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