Optimised and Secure Cloud Infrastructure as Service – IaaS

Scale-out on-demand Cloud Infrastructure – just for you

IaaS allows organisations to better match compute resource with demand by consuming cloud infrastructure when needed. This reduces cost, improves efficiency and user experience. Integrate Infrastructure as a Service directly into your environment from secure UK facilities

IaaS – Scale-out infrastructure

The nature of on-demand cloud infrastructure ensures that organisations can effectively auto-scale out compute resources to keep ahead of demand and scale back as demand drops back down.

IaaS – HyperV or VMware

HyperV and VMware are the main IaaS environments being delivered, however, Citrix XenServer is also popular for thin client and VDI environments. Cirro is able to provide an all-encompassing environment designed specifically for whichever technologies are required.

On-premise Infrastructure as a Service

Some organisations want the benefits of a Managed Cloud IaaS consumable model, but on-premise. Cirro can provide this through dedicated hardware, deployed in a customer’s Data Centre and managed remotely. Customers agree to a minimum spend commitment over an agreed term and have the option to fail-over to an external Cirro node.

The Infrastructure Challenge

The traditional approach to buying and running infrastructure has meant that organisations either have to build for peak capacity on a 3-5 year life-cycle, meaning they will always run a significant overhead. Or they reduce the quality and performance of services and under load to maintain a lower level of cost. This naturally has a major impact on usability.

Advantages of IaaS

For many organisations, a private IaaS solution allows them to better integrate and overflow the burst or peak resource requirements, meaning they only need to maintain average resource requirements and can burst onto the IaaS environment for additional resources, when needed.

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