Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity ISO 22301

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Business Continuity

Secure Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery where you need it, when you need it

Legacy backup systems can’t keep up with the increasing demand for applications to be up and running 24x7x365

If your business doesn’t keep up with High Availability expectation it can damage brand reputation, customer confidence and be very expensive. In addition, changes in the Data Protection law with the introduction of GDPR, also means organisations need to continually maintain high data integrity.

What is ISO 22301?

As an international standard for Business Continuity Management System, the ISO 22301 is designed to protect, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise. With a Business Continuity Management System, your organization is prepared to detect and prevent threats.

Disasters occur, it’s how to plan to migrate risk and keep services activate that matters.

Cirro will help you define your requirements. Backing-up is easy. Restoring data quickly, efficiently and making services available isn’t.

With many pitfalls and complexities, Cirro is here to help you understand your options and deliver to your evolutionary requirements.

Cirro can deliver highly available and load-balanced Cloud Services, including multi-site database clusters, for primary applications and service delivery. Cirro can also provide a full off-site backup of your production environments, wherever they may be, including legacy physical environments.

By working closely with you, will we deliver to your core and non-core requirements for either always on or to your Restore Time Objectives (RTO) and Restore Point Objectives (RPO). We offer Backup as a Service (BaaS) with all backups encrypted at source, in transit and at rest, with you holding the secure keys. You can restore to any target device, which could also be one of our Cloud Servers.

Cirro has the ability to backup and restore from your onsite Virtual or Physical servers, as well as other cloud environments, including Azure, AWS, Office 365 and OneDrive, meaning you can have a secure, private, off-site backup, with the ability to restore directly from our Cloud Servers if required.

Cirro collaborates with Veeam, DoubleTake and Infrascale to ensure all your applications are available as and when you need them, so your business is always ready to tackle unexpected events and be first to take advantage of new opportunities.

Every company deserves efficient, secure and reliable backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our flexible business continuity deployment options ensure your data is safe, secure and always available.

Let Cirro take the strain out of GDPR and Business Continuity.

Let Cirro Help You

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