Delivering the ultimate in Service Availability and Data Protection

Fully Managed Business Continuity from Cirro

Business Continuity is a headache for most organisations

Cirro provides the aspirin

By delivering Managed Service Availability against your policies and standards, maximising your up-time and minimising risk.

Our Managed Services ensures continual compliance to ISO 27001 and your internal policies through quarterly testing, documentation and continual improvement.

Its all about Service Availability

Let Cirro take the strain by delivering a fully managed Business Continuity and Availability Services.

Talk to one of the Cirro specialist today to maximise your Service Availability.

Read our handy guide on how to create an effective business continuity plan for some top tips.

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    "Built in ability to restore individual files, folders or a full environment""Ability to backup every device (servers, PC's, Cloud, mobiles)""Anti-virus filtering, Ransomwear & Threat Detection"EncryptionOptions for restoring to multiple locationsAlerting & reportingAbility to set retention periods
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