Cirro Solutions is a Crown Commercial Services Approved Supplier to UK Public Sector

Cirro Solutions have successfully been accepted by the Crown Commercial Services on to the Digital Marketplace, with 18 listings on G-Cloud.

Public Sector is an important focus for Cirro as we design and deliver tailored services that can reduce cost, complexity and improve service performance.

As UK Public Sector needs to do more with less, Cirro works with smaller Government agencies to help them reduce cost, before more efficient and be more agile.

Cirro Solutions is listed under the following categories:

Cloud Hosting

Designed to support Public Sector organisations who want a Managed Cloud and Web Services they can control, are based in and run from the UK with dedicated supported 24×7. This service is designed for those concerned about the loss of control of Public Cloud (such as Microsoft Azure) or need increased certainty around security and data protection (including GDPR).

Designed for organisations in Healthcare that need additional Service Assurance around Managed Services, including fully system patching, vulnerability management, patient record and data protection.

Many organisations aren’t in a position to move to a Public Cloud environment and want to retain hardware onsite, but need the flexibility of a well optimised and managed Cloud Service Platform. This can be delivered from onsite or from a customers data centre and can form part of a Hybrid Cloud solution

Cloud is about choice and this shouldn’t be all or nothing. It a journey. Technology needs to deliver outcomes and sometimes edge and hybrid computing designs can deliver far greater performance and transformational success than a straight move to a remote cloud.

Standard Cloud Services under Cloud Hosting also include:

Cloud Software

Cirro has partnered with a number of organisations to bring additional innovation through Cloud Software that is pre-deployed on the same Cloud Services Platform. This ensures that Cirro can deliver the highest levels of security, data integrity and user experience because we can control the quality of the underlying platform.

G-Cloud 10 listings include:

IOCOM is a major vendor for Video Collaboration, they specialise in highly secure video. Imagine a highly secure version of Skype where you can add peripheral devices designed for complex multi-screen environments; that’s IOCOM. Delivered to many healthcare and NHS Hospitals and Primary Care facilities, they work closely with NHS One and NHS Digital,

Delivered by Tute, alternative provision supports a number of scenario’s, such as Local Authorities delivering a Virtual School for at home learning or to disadvantaged children and those who have fallen out of the school system. It can also support additional subjects for schools or colleges who don’t have the numbers required to run a full class but need to keep subjects alive and students engaged.

UCentriX is a next-generation VoIP solution, designed to be simple, scalable and flexible and deliver everything an organisation needs to deliver effective telephony and unified communications to users. UCentriX is a costs effective way of running a very stable UC environment with the functionality users need.

Designed to deliver the functionality required for a Managed WiFi service, but with the added advantage of being designed from the ground up around GDPR and PCI compliance requirements. This ensures data protection, service assurance and reduces risk.

Cloud Support

Machine learning, predictive data analytics and deep learning. Bahatix provides the complete end to end service to harness the power of machine learning, the primary focus on learning Risk Profiles. Our service focus is on the entire data lifecycle from data collection to business decisions.

Part of our Cloud Support offering is the Professional Services wrap required to audit, analyse, plan, migrate, build, test, manage and monitor. Getting on the Cloud is easy, optimising it and delivering a consistent user experience isn’t, our Professional Services go a long way in helping.

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