Cirro is delighted to announce a partnership with BahatiX for Machine Learning

BahatiX is a Machine Learning specialist, focused on identifying high-risk events, such as customer churn, network failure, safeguarding risks of children or healthcare outcomes post-injury.

Machine Learning algorithms are not new, but organisations are now fully realising how beneficial they are. The process, knowledge and continual improvement of the implementation of Machine Learning implementation with the data-sets yield the greatest outcomes.

BahatiX is working with Cirro, to bring Machine Learning to Cirro’s customers who are typically in high compliance sectors where Machine Learning can have a massive, positive impact.

Bradley Dickin, Data Scientist & Founder of BahatiX said “This is a really exciting partnership for BahtiX, Cirro get the power of Machine Learning in its application. There is considerable opportunity and excessive hype, the real power is in the outcome and delivery. Working with an innovation partner like Cirro help us take the right message to market and gives us opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have. This allows us to focus on what we do best.”

Michael Owen, MD of Cirro, said “It’s rare to find solutions that can have such a significant impact on business. Machine learning algorithms are not new, but organisations are now realising it the process, knowledge and continual improvement of the implementation with the data-sets that yields the greatest outcomes and this is where BahatiX have set themselves apart”

Talk to Cirro about Machine Learning from BahatiX

Machine Learning and it’s ‘end product’ Artificial Intelligence continues to revolutionise the way organisations across all sectors to develop new products and interact with their customers, suppliers and competitors.

In Healthcare they are looking at using ML to become more proactive in treating patients and therefore much more effective in improving lives. An article from the Health IT Conference 2018 gives some insight into where healthcare is looking to utilise the huge capabilities of ML and AI.

Financial Services reap huge benefits by using ML and AI to assist them in many areas such as customer experience, compliance, fraud detection, document processing, trading, product and pricing recommendations.

Many retail organisations are increasingly using chatbots to give better, cheaper customer service and harvest data from customers to help create more effective marketing opportunities. PCMag’s article is a good window into how commercial services are making use of ML and AI

Transportation Services are another sector making good use of the opportunities provided my ML and AI. From the futuristic example of driverless cars to smaller but definitely not less effective examples such as being able to tailor pricing and products by analysing how people are moving and why they choose one method of transport over another.

ML and AI will simplify and improve many industries if embraced and implemented correctly. There will also be concerns such as cybersecurity. However, ML and AI we believe can only make the future more exciting!

Talk to Cirro about Machine Learning from BahatiX