Why use a Managed Private Cloud Service Provider?

Prescribing technology is old-school

Many organisations make the mistake of prescribing technology requirements rather than business outcomes or objectives. This means organisations are simply buying an equivalent service in the Cloud, rather than looking at how to best architect and optimise for greater efficiency and outcomes. They see the Cloud as an extension of existing tools, processes, methodologies and skills sets, but they could not be more different.

Do you want a Virtual Machine or an Outcome?

It’s more common for us to get a virtual machine specification requirement than a user experience or application performance requirement. That’s because organisations are conditioned to buy and support hardware, rather than understand what experience their users expect to have and how they can measure and review it to meet staff and customer requirements in the first place. .

The Role of Managed Cloud Service Provider

The role of a Managed Cloud Services Provider is to effectively tailor Cloud Services to deliver the right outcomes for your business today and to support the evolution of your business over time, through the utilisation of the most appropriate technology available.

Organisations that can work with a Cloud Service Provider in this way make the best use of their skills and experience to deliver the most suitable set of services and ensure continual improvement back to the business.

Going back to the traditional model of defining virtual machine or infrastructure requirements only allows you to extend or replace what you already have. This may be what you need if what you have works perfectly. But if it doesn’t then you need to work closely with a Cloud Service Provider to get the right solution designed, built, optimised and managed for you.

A Change in Methodology for Cloud Services

Interestingly, solutions that are designed by Cloud Service Providers will have fewer issues and therefore lower support overheads, higher uptime and a lower total cost. Solutions where customers have requested infrastructure or predefined platform / virtual machine requirements tend to have a higher number of application and network related issues, resulting in higher operational cost and impacting on service performance.

A Cloud Service Provider can define what your platform requirements are. The design methodology they can take you through is a lot more transformational and supports a much more agile way of working, resulting in an environment that addresses your business case, achieves the outcomes and supports the transformational journey you are on.

The Value of a Cloud Service Provider

For organisations who want an optimised, secure Cloud Service that’s integrated and designed to deliver business outcomes through the utilisation of Cloud Services, engaging a Cloud Service Provider is by far the most appropriate approach. It’s the viable alternative to focusing on predefined platform requirements which are often outdated before they go live.

The benefits are clear. Consistent user experience, secure environment, designed specifically to meet your business needs, including business continuity, where you as a business can control performance, quality and cost.

Managed Cloud Services from Cirro

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