Achieve Continual Agility & Limitless Growth

Scale your business without scaling operational overhead & complexity

Agile by design

Remove the barriers of technology lock-in, whilst improving security and uptime.

Cirro enables infrastructure and services that are designed to scale in size, geography or scope with ease.

We do this by delivering managed Cloud and ICT Solutions based on your evolving requirements and desired outcomes; which could be migrating from legacy services, scaling out to support business change or providing smarter ways of working to become more agile or competitive.

Scale Up / Scale-Out

Tailored services that scale for optimal performance, price and user experience

Technically scaling operational ICT services and cloud infrastructure is a challenge because it is considered in a traditional way. Most organisations using Cloud, for example, don’t understand how to design for scale, for performance optimisation or for multi-cloud. So actually, they end-up with a form of Public Cloud technology lock-in.

Cirro also supports operational resource via our extended network to support critical skilled services on demand, such as CISO, Compliance Officer, Data Protection Officer, CTO, Managed IT Services, Project Management and Service Delivery.

We do this for many organisations, ranging from start-ups to hyper-scale cloud service providers who need specialist assistance in specific geographies or deliverables.

Our Customers

Kleinwort Benson

Cirro has help, Kleinwort Benson, to deliver a dedicated, on-premise, Managed Cloud9 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution 800 users managing a £55bn fund.

The Charity Commission

We are taking the Charity Commission through Cyber Security Essentials Plus, completing Penetration Testing and delivering a Managed Veeam Back-up & Recovery solution.


Shrap is a start-up where Cirro has designed the Cloud Infrastructure to support them and continue to provide guidance on how to design and architect for scale.


For the largest Public Cloud Service provider, we project manage and install live TV streaming environments in 3rd party data centres, to extend their CDN, to serve subscription services

See how we protect

Data protection and security need to be balanced with highly secure collaboration and openness.

However, trust has changed, as has the reliance and associated risks of connected services. Cirro helps you to protect assets and build the levels of resilience and availability you need to ensure service continuity and data protection. Organisations also have to balance cloud service usage with system integration and access management, which needs a different approach to network security and access management as well as Business Continuity. 

Cirro also helps companies gain ISO27001, 22301 and Cyber Essentials Plus

See how we optimise…

By understanding what optimal means for each service, and delivering that outcome

Over time systems, tools, processes and services fall out of sync with your business requirements and end-to-end processes, resulting in cracks or higher risks and impacts on the overall quality of output.

Cirro helps business to operate efficiently, regaining their agility and innovative edge.  

This can including elements of Business Process Reengineering and Management, operational migration from legacy systems, technical resource and transition management. 

Cirro focuses on understand the cost, quality and performance metrics, delivering managed cloud and ICT services that are tailored to deliver the right balance at the right time for the right workloads.

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