Achieve Continual Agility & Limitless Growth

Scale your business without scaling operational overhead & complexity

Agile by Design

Remove the barriers of technology lock-in, whilst improving security and uptime

Cirro delivers scale-out infrastructure and services that are designed to scale in size, geography or scope with ease.

We do this by identifying the infrastructure, network, or application bottlenecks and tailoring our managed cloud solutions to optimise the scale-out process, based on cost, quality, performance, and security requirements. We identify the trigger events to scale out and back again.


Size / Geography


Burst out


Automation and AI

Scale Up / Scale Out

Tailored services that scale for optimal performance, price and user experience


  • Technically scaling operational ICT services and cloud infrastructure is a challenge because it is considered in a traditional way. Most organisations don’t understand how to design for scale, for performance optimisation or for multi-cloud.
  • Cirro also support critical skilled services on demand, such as CISO, Compliance Officer, Data Protection Officer, CTO, Managed IT Services, Project Management and Service Delivery.
  • We do this for many organisations, ranging from start-ups to hyper-scale cloud service providers who need specialist assistance in specific geographies or deliverables.

Ensuring Agility

We can help Protect you…

Protecting data, users & system integrity to maximise Uptime


We can help you Optimise

We Optimise the services that transform your business


Let’s discuss your use-case

Planned Obsolescence

‘They don’t make them like they used to.’ How the reduction in product quality…

Delivering Assurance to Support Agility

Cirro has been one of our trusted technology partners for many years, they run our entire Cloud Platform as a managed service. For us, Cirro solves the challenge around how we deliver true SaaS, allowing us to focus on growth.

Duncan Shaw, CTO
Connectus Group