Your Access to Innovation

Bringing Innovation to Service Providers and Operators

Cirro works with innovative technology OEM’s and Independent Software Vendors.

This gives us Access to innovation that delivers additional value to Service Providers.

Cirro supports Service Providers and Operator who want to generate new revenue streams through delivering innovative solutions to their own customers.


Cirro Smart Growth is a hotbed innovation lab environment, for startups and entrepreneurs, providing the technical, commercial and business framework needed for success.

Your Access to Innovation

Single Source of Innovation

End to End Process Management

Keep Relevant. Address Market Needs.

Generate and Test New Revenue Streams

Be an Agile Goliath

Who is Access Innovation for?

Access Innovation is designed to bring innovative new technologies to the Service Provider and Operator communities. Where typically:

  • They have a Product Management team, but not an Innovation Team
  • Are looking for competitive differentiation
  • Have a desire to achieve revenue growth in new areas
  • Have complex internal teams, or system, that make on-boarding timely
  • Want to prove new technologies before building them
  • Want to solve more customer or sector challenges than they can currently
  • Could use innovation to enhance existing core solutions

Our aim with Access Innovation is to help Service Provider’s and Operators delivery greater value, with higher revenues, to stickier customers.



With Access to Innovation, you can create USP’s, enhance your value proposition and differentiate from your competition.

Revenue Growth


Take greater wallet share and generate additional new revenue streams from your existing customers by delivering more services.

Innovation. Delivered.

Tried and tested Innovation. We keep it simple and provide Product, Price, People and Promotion

We map end to end processes, including Billing, Support, Change Management, Security & Governance

What we do

Understand your core offering, customer base and strategic vision

Identify new products and services with your key people

Support your sales process, find trail / PoC customers, prove the concept

Integrate BPM, outline developments, training people, support opportunities

Talk to Cirro about Access to Innovation

Many Service Providers and Operators have internal challenges that make on-boarding new technologies time consuming, resource intensive and difficult.


Often involving various teams; legal, procurement, product, sales & marketing, support, billing, service delivery and engineering.


The result is that many stick to a core service offering and find it difficult to add innovative new services. By the time innovation is adopted, the market timing has been missed, meaning the solution is no longer innovative.


By working with Cirro, Service Providers and Operators can bypass some of these internal challenges. Meaning Innovation can be delivered quickly and more efficiently.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance
ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard Certification
ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Standard
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