About us

We effectively deploy innovative cloud services, to better deliver your digital outcomes


Giving you the assurances and guarantees you deserve

Cirro was founded on the principle that the technology sector has a vast amount of innovation, those companies don’t always have access to markets to secure customers and achieve growth. Similarly, corporates need to implement innovative solutions that will allow them to be more competitive, reduce cost, transform operations, be more agile, reduce risk and achieve business strategic objectives.

At Cirro, we find and help innovative organisations by bringing them customers. For Businesses, we bring access to that innovation in a way that solves business challenges and offers more optimal ways of working.

One of the issues with the technology sector that Cirro has never really liked is the way that margins and profits are derived from Support contracts, whilst important to have commercial covers to evolve solutions, we feel effective managed services should be continually monitored and managed and the design and implementation should be effective enough, that Support is minimal.

Cirro was set up to be Cloud-Native and Cloud-First, when we view the cloud market, most organisations have evolved from being traditional IT service providers, they take the same people, processes and approaches to Cloud as they have from traditional IT services. So large companies end up working with Cloud Service Providers for digital transformation projects when those service providers also need to go through a digital transformation themselves.

You pay less and get more

Our innovative approach means we have far fewer support calls. This increases customer loyalty and the duration of our contracts while reducing our operational overheads. Allowing for longer-term investments and planning, and savings that we can pass on to you.

Generally, our services cost 25% lower than the average provider, yet our performance rates are about 15% higher. Maybe it’s time you discovered a better way to achieve your digital outcomes?


  • We deliver digital outcomes through tailored Cloud Services that are seamless for your users
  • You know the traditional ICT & Cloud Service market doesn’t work for you… If you buy ICT services today, who gives you a guarantee? You get a warranty on Hardware and support on Software and implementation services. But no actual Performance Level Agreement, not even on Cloud Services.
  • Suppliers still win – they assume little to no risk.
  • At Cirro, we invest in customers and focus on delivering a consistent user experience that supports your business needs.

Our What, How and Why

We are a requirements-led, UK-based managed cloud service provider

Providing tailored solutions against your business requirements

To ensure always-on services, that scale, are optimised, secured and managed

Quality, Security and Continuity

ISO Certification

  • ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity
  • ISO 14001-2015Environmental Management
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security


Cirro has been a G-Cloud Crown Commercial Approved Supplier for several years and offers a vast number of services cover all three lots

Cybersecurity Essentials

Cirro holds Cyber Security Essentials and works with customers to support them through this certification process and through various ISO and GDPR level of accrditation.

Communication is one of the keys to our success.
And yours…

Understanding your


We’ll spend time getting to know your exact requirements and desired outcomes, as well as identifying your current challenges and critical success factors.

Valuing your


To ensure our cloud architects create the most appropriate solutions for you, we encourage direct dialogue betten you and them, this is the only way we can deliver the right outcomes

Strengthening your


To guarantee quick and efficient resolution and change control, you’ll get full access to the engineers who built, run and support your systems

Managing solution


Through continual, open dialogue with you, we ensure your system remains agile, optimal and secure


Predictions for 2023

2023 is here, are we ready for what’s to come? Cyber warfare, Harris replaces…

Cirro Sponsorships

Michael House Hostel

Cirro sponsors a room at Michael House who focus on changing lives and supporting those who need it the most.

SOBO Wastebusters

Cirro sponsor and support SOBO Wasterbusters, a local organisations promoting sustainability, reducing waste and promoting local best practise

Cirro Invests

Cirro has invested in a number of interesting projects that have piqued our interest. We prefer to invest in organisations where we share the vision, values or mission. For us, it’s about profit with principles and creating a better world.

TerraPowr uses Machine Learning and predictive analysis to give you clear insight as to which renewable technologies will work best for you. Using Blockchain, TerraPowr will allow you to issue energy contracts and sell your excess to your neighbours, or to create your own community-based micro-grid.


iwonder aims to be the home of factual entertainment; your go-to video service if you are interested to discover something new. We are an on-demand documentary streaming service that offers the best way to watch documentaries online. You will be able to catch a wide variety of award-winning documentaries, from current affairs programs to true crime or historical documentaries, anytime you want. 

iwonder is currently available in parts of Asia, but you can see some content on youtube

CoinMode is a high frequency, low latency, payment platform designed for the computer games industry. It uses tokenized currency and is designed to integrate into the runtime application of the game, allowing new forms of gameplay and facilitating the rise of professional and competitive e-sports. It uses advances in technology, specifically Layer 2 Crypto techniques running over a high-speed Blockchain, to provide the much-needed capability to the computer games industry.

Recycling has been the same since 1981, with very little of our waste actually being recycled (2% globally).

Lasso is an at-home recycling system, designed to allow for better control of the process, ensuring more recyclable materials can be captured at the source (home). This was, the collection process can capture sorted materials that are pre-graded for reuse in industry.

Lasso is soon available, take a look at the future of recycling, I hope you are as excited as we are…

Wildanet is a Cornish internet service provider bringing hyperfast and super-reliable broadband services to homes, businesses and communities throughout Cornwall.

Unlike other parts of the UK, Cornwall still has countless communities suffering from a poor-quality internet connection, making life harder for many families and businesses in these areas and putting them at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the UK. Wildanet is working to change this.

Drone Ag enables farmers to leverage the power of drones through automation and AI. Its Skippy Scout platform provides crop analysis in a fraction of the time of field walking or other drone systems. Now they are ready to grow, aiming to help bring the next level of automation to this $240bn/yr industry.

The need for sustainable agriculture is driving growth in the agtech market, predicted to reach 240bn/yr by 2050.

In 2018, frustrated with complicated, time-consuming drone tech, we decided to build our own software platform to make drones work for farmers and their businesses, through a focus on major efficiency gains, simplicity and ease of use.


‘Sometimes, films really take you by surprise’

‘Director/Producer Renee Edwards has crafted a documentary about the embattled tradition of New Orleans’ musicians, and their struggle for continued habitation and survival after their careers have been made barely tenable by natural disaster, poor flood defences and political machinations. Now, of course I’d be interested: a close-up look at musicians such as Dr. John; an artful look at a waning culture as in Embrace of the Serpent; all the vibrancy, voodoo, Dixieland and drama of N’Awlinz. Somehow, by looking at a city ravaged by and recovering from Hurricane Katrina without focusing on the Storm Herself, this lovingly and masterfully assembled film swept me away‘.

Michael Dornant  – Oxford Daily Info Review