About Cirro

Cirro delivers better digital outcomes to service providers, enterprise organisations, citizens and academia through the effective deployment and use of Innovative Cloud Services

Cirro Solutions - Company Overview

We deliver outcomes

We are

Requirements led, UK Managed Cloud Service Provider

We provide

Tailored solutions against business requirements

We ensure

Availability, performance & cost control with continued evolution

Certified to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001


We spend time with customers understanding requirements and desired outcomes. We identify the current challenges and critical success factors.


Customers talk directly to the Cloud Architects to ensure they get the most appropriate design which continues to evolve with requirements


Customers get full access to the engineers who design, build, run and support all systems, ensuring quick & effective resolution & change control


Through continual, open dialogue, we all have the information needed to stay agile, continually improve and avoid surprises

Why Cirro?

We deliver digital outcomes through tailored Cloud Services that are seamless to your users.

Traditional ICT & Cloud Service market is broken

If you buy ICT services today, who gives you a guarantee?

You get a warranty on the H/W and support on the S/W and implementation services. But no actual Performance Level Agreement, not even on Cloud Services.

Suppliers still win – they assume little to no risk.

The Cirro way

Cirro is different, we invest in our customers. We offer service assurance and real-world performance guarantees.

We do this through upfront design, pre-staging and proof-of-concept pilots with full end-to-end User Acceptance Testing before our customers pay.

This means we have far fewer support calls. The result is customer longevity and loyalty with lower operational overheads and longer-term contracts, allowing for longer-term investments and planning.

So with Cirro you pay less and get more, along with a service performance guarantee.

Cirro has a good understanding of the Cloud Services market, including pricing, service offerings and service assurance. Our services are generally 25% lower cost than the average provider, with around 15% better performance.


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