About Cirro

Cirro delivers better digital outcomes to service providers, enterprise organisations, citizens and academia through the effective deployment and use of Innovative Cloud Services.

We deliver outcomes

By understanding your challenges and requirements, we tailor private or hybrid cloud solutions, that will evolve with you, ensuring Technology and Computing Infrastructure is a positive enabler to your success.

Cirro delivers Digital Outcomes through effective Cloud Services across high compliance industry sectors where cyber security, service assurance, data protection (GDPR) are important. Our customers want to consume a usage-based services where they can control the balance between cost and quality. They want ICT to be always on, always available, always secure and highly efficient.

Cirro's philosophy is simply to be clear with customers on roles and responsibilities and to deliver what we promised. We stick to our core service offerings, to ensure we don't compromise on quality.

Where is your Guarantee?

If you buy IT hardware and software, who gives you a guarantee? 

The current ICT model is broken. Essentially that model means that the customer always pays, for an unknown quality of service, that they must design, build, maintain and fix. If they can’t, they have the additional cost of using third parties, but ultimately, you won't get a guarantee on how a Virtual Machine will perform, or how long it will take Outlook to open. 

We believe that ICT providers should share in the risk of delivering effective IT services but owning the assets and being partly responsible for ensuring the outcomes.

The Cirro way

Cirro is different, we invest in our customers. We offer service assurance and real-world performance guarantees. We do this through upfront design, pre-staging and proof-of-concept pilots with full end-to-end User Acceptance Testing before our customers pay. 

This means we have far fewer support calls. The result is customer longevity and loyalty with lower operational overheads and longer-term contracts, allowing for longer-term investments and planning.

So with Cirro you pay less and get more, along with a service performance guarantee.

Cirro has a good understanding of the Cloud Services market, including pricing, service offerings and service assurance. Our services are generally 25% lower cost than the average provider, with around 15% better performance.

Supporting our ISV customers

Cirro, working closely with our ISV’s customers and Innovators, offer an eco-system of web services and Software as a Service, directly from our cloud platform. This means that you get direct access to them, without breaking-out onto the Internet. So our customers get access to high-speed, highly secure and resilient cloud services housed within the same physical Data Centres.

This eco-system also ensures higher levels of governance, business continuity and very simple certification.

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