Agile UK Cloud Services that deliver business outcomes

Requirements led, private UK Cloud Services, that support your business


Private Cloud Infrastructure

Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services (IaaS & PaaS), optimised, secure, highly available

Business Continuity Solutions

Cloud Back up, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions that reduce risk, certified to ISO 22301

Object Storage, S3, NFS, SMB

Private onsite, cloud or hybrid S3 Object Storage solutions. Lowest cost Object Storage solution available

Reap the benefits of Cloud Services quicker and more cost effectively, with tailored environments designed for your digital outcomes

Managed Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Services from Cirro Solutions, are designed to evolve with your requirements, ensuring web technology and cloud computing infrastructure is a positive enabler to your success.

  • Cirro is requirements led, meaning we understand your challenges and objectives
  • We tailor Cloud Services to support your business
  • We focus on the outcomes rather than technology.

We deliver digital outcomes by tailoring and optimising private, managed Cloud Services, where cyber security, service assurance, data protection (GDPR) are as important as cost and performance optimisation.

Cirro Solutions Company Overview

Pay less, get more

Cirro customers pay on the consumption of UK Cloud Services that have been designed by the experts who provide direct customer support. We pride ourselves on deliver Cloud Services as they should be; optimised for you.

Our customers generally pay 15% less, with higher performing services that deliver greater capacity, with better compliance and lower risk.

With our wide range of professional services, Cirro can support the full ICT lifecycle, from strategy development, auditing and analysis, planning, cloud migration, digital transformation and data centre decommissioning.

Reduce Costs0%
Reduce Incidents0%
Time to Change0%

ICT Risk Mitigation & Business Continuity

Our Cloud Services portfolio supports your business in the cloud, with a full suite of Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and SaaS solutions such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Our cloud solutions are integrated around intelligent Cyber Security, threat detection, content filtering and anti-virus.

Cloud Services with a Performance Guarantee

Cirro offers Service Assurance and real-world performance guarantees based on your performance criteria, so you control the balance between cost, quality and availability.

This means our customers know exactly what they are getting and how it will perform while ensuring service agility.

The result is we have far fewer support calls, happy long-term customers with low churn. This provides us with consistent revenues, brand loyalty, close working relationships, stability and controlled growth with lower operational overheads, which makes us highly cost-effective.

Through Cirro Innovation, we support next-generation tech companies through their journey through to delivering a scalable, robust and secure distribution environment. Our Enterprise customers benefit from gaining early access to innovation which we help them deliver.

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